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Take complete control of the computers in your classroom or lab!

What is Ctrl Class

The Ctrl Class is a solution for managing computers on a local network and all of its settings can be performed by a web server and synchronized to all computers quickly and easily.

Internet control

Turns the students Internet ON and OFF or only a range of IP's.


Excellent method for application of tests, because the student will be in restricted mode. Monitors keyboard and student activity. Removes the file (s) automatically when finished.

Sending files, exercises or tests/quiz

The teacher will send the file (s) in their administrator mode, all the students will receive and send back to the teacher, all automatically and synchronously.

Broadcasting Screen

The teacher can transmit the screen of your computer or any student to the group of students or group of screens of the classroom.

Monitor students

The teacher can remotely monitor what the students are doing in the classroom and thus help them by controlling their keyboard and mouse.

Alternate student identification

Ctrl Class identifies students by the Operating System User, but we also have the option of forcing a user / student ID, so that the user can login to the system using social network (Facebook) credentials.

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